TenWallsGate – Our Proverbial 2 Pence



JUST when you thought it was safe to go back in the water… We’re reminded of the fact that there are some ignorant idiots still in the water.

I sometimes wonder if the bigots of the world have meetings and decide ‘Hmmm, Maybe the last week of September would be a good week to all of a sudden be idiots publicly?’ In the same week that Ten Walls attempted to crawl back into our consciousness,  London nightclub DSTRKT Comes under some devastating fire for allegedly being pretty bloody racist.


Above is his original apology, Thump managed to secure the much acclaimed and exclusive rights to his more recent, PR Soaked apology here

The thing is, my iPod was on shuffle the other day and whaddyaknow, ‘Gotham’ popped up. I found myself immediately skipping to the next song… As if somehow I was homophobic for even listening to the guy. Which I think is a bit of a shame, I mean we all loved Gotham when it came out (See No.4). I don’t really know what i’m getting at with this, other than it’s a shame for the actual music (Some of which was alright)

Ten Walls

You can’t help but think however, that Tweets like this from Eats Everything suggest that the Ten Walls hate runs deeper than Homophobia

DSTRKT on the other hand.. Can do one. Was a shit club before anyway and now the nation knows it. I only hope that the world takes note and exposes all the MANY other oxygen thieves that run doors and manage clubs.




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