How To Get Through The Worst Time of Year

January & February.. Are awful. This is well documented in plenty of meme’s, articles and general online dichotomy. You can’t argue with us on this one. If you’re one of those people that say ‘Oh but my Birthday’s in February’ or ‘Nah I quite like doing a sober January, a good detox levels you out’.. Pfffft.

It’s not even the weather.. Because lets face it, even the summer is awful here. It’s the horrible abyss from now until around mid-April of most of us having no money, no plans and just no hope to be honest. It’s hardly surprising travel agent sponsored ad’s are appearing all over my facebook & Instagram, people just can’t face the next few months sat on a tube.

We’re all in the same boat on this one.. However, here’s how Slinkie will be trying to survive this shite state of affairs. Suggestions welcome.

 We Suggest

A Load of Netflix Series:

You might already be doing this.. The key is to step it up a gear. Have at least 4 or 5 on the go. The world has lied to you and no, this is not the time to be eating healthy and going to the gym… Summer’s not for like 6 months so whatever to that. Pass me another walnut whip. If you haven’t watched Narcos by the way, get it on mate.


Book A Random Holiday

You would be shocked how cheap you can get a holiday at this time of year.. Literally, I’ve spent more wonga on one night in London than it costs to get an all-inclusive in February. Go somewhere weird, Norway! Why not.


Buy Something Expensive and Pointless

A Tattoo? Cashmere for your cat? A ceramic dildo? Whatever.. Crack on because you’re going to have a bit of spare cash from the serious fun vacuum that is January anyway.


Daytime Drinking

It gets a bad rep this.. But it’s a misunderstood beast I feel. It’s cold AF out so an Irish coffee warms you up a treat. One word of advice, this is still generally frowned upon while at work so maybe your lunch-break or after work is a good call… Try not to be this guy though.




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