Freezing Cold Anthems

Everyone is always dead keen to share their ‘Ultimate Summer Playlist’, less so with music suited for the frosty season.. There’s plenty out there, so we thought we would buck the trend.

Get ya gloves on..

Stray – When It Rains

We seriously miss these tunes from Stray.. We love the Wonky Hip-Hop vibes Ivylab are doing these days but he really was the best of the lot at tunes like this.. Rainy day anthem.

Aphex Twin – aisatsana [102]

Bit of a depressing one, but a seriously beautiful tune this.. Good for your Monday morning commute.

Burial & Four Tet – Moth

Modern classic.. Probably the best of the collabs between these two. Seriously chilling vibes.

Bachelors of Science – The Ice Dance

No real need for justification on this one, it’s just straight up beautiful.. One of the best melodic drum and bass tracks of all time. Bravo.


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